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Red Knots

Red Knots

Shauneen Hutchinson shares these wonderful photos of Red Knots. Click the "On Our Minds" link on the left to learn more about these wonderful birds.


Red Knots


Would you like to see more photos of Kiawah? Visit My Scribe Photography by clicking the "Photographs" button. You can also see some on Facebook by liking the Welcome To Kiawah Facebook page!


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Wednesday, April 23rd ~ Nothing but blue skies and sunshine on Kiawah today! The island awaits the courageous explorer! Here is a little known suggestion for you budding Columbus' out there: why not investigate the Kiawah Swamp Garden? The Kiawah Swamp Garden is located on Turtle Beach Lane (accessible by bicycle).  It is a secluded wetland garden, where you can usually see many alligators and turtles, as well as several varieties of Kiawah's native plants. Can you locate it?

Did you know?  Today is National Cheesecake Day! What a terrific excuse to indulge in a creamy treat.

** Turtle News **  April 23, 2014 - The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources says that the first stranding has been recorded for South Carolina. Far more exciting is that the first 2 loggerhead nests were found in Florida, so Kiawah should not be far behind! Will our loggerhead mamas begin on Mother’s Day week-end as usual? Stay tuned…


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