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Great horned owl

Great horned owl

This great horned owl was hanging out on Marsh Island Drive one afternoon. Perhaps it was looking for lunch?


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Wednesday, April 16th ~ Brrr! It was downright COLD on the island last night, dropping down to 46 degrees. Thankfully it is sunny though. Tonight we are supposed to see more of the same cool temperatures, but we should see 70 degrees tomorrow.


Tuesday, April 15th ~ Once again we have cloudy skies, and this time we are supposed to see showers to go along with them. The rain should also drop the temperature quite a bit - into the upper forties tonight. Rats! 

Today is Tax Day. That statement elicits various reactions, depending upon whether you are an early bird or a procrastinator. J


Monday, April 14th ~ Our skies are overcast, but it is nice and warm outside. Rain is supposed to roll in later this evening, which should drop the temperature a bit.

The island is chock full o'visitors this week, and everyone seems to be enjoying this terrific weather. The bike paths and the beach were both crowded yesterday - well, crowded by Kiawah standards anyway. Will you be able to get outside to play today?


Friday, April 11th ~ Kiawah is gorgeous this morning, and just in time for the week-end too! We are headed to the upper seventies for the ENTIRE week-end! The weather is certainly cooperating these past few days, with fabulous warm weather during the day and cool breezes at night.  Paradise anyone?


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