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Red Knots

Red Knots

Shauneen Hutchinson shares these wonderful photos of Red Knots.


Red Knots


Would you like to see more photos of Kiawah? Visit My Scribe Photography by clicking the "Photographs" button. You can also see some on Facebook by liking the Welcome To Kiawah Facebook page!


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Friday, April 18th ~ Kiawah is cloudy this Friday morning. We are not even getting intermittent glimpses of the sun, darn it! Thankfully it is still another fairly warm day. A further sign of spring that is certainly not lacking on Kiawah these days is... pollen! Anything that sits outside for longer than an hour is covered by a fine mist of yellow dust.  Cars, leaves, potted plants - nothing is exempt!

~ Kiawah's Critters ~


The large flocks of birds about the size of robins that fly in lovely waves all at once and are gracing our shores these days are called Red Knots. In many cases they have arrived as part of their journey from the very tip of South American to the Canadian Arctic where they will spend the summer months breeding. Their round trip may exceed an astounding 18,000 miles.

From Kiawah Island they will head north to the Delaware Bay where they seek the fuel provided by eating eggs from horseshoe crabs. From there many will fly almost four days and four nights straight to reach their breeding grounds. The species is currently being considered for addition to the federal government’s list of endangered species.

While they are on Kiawah you can help to make their journey possible. They must have time and space to eat and rest, so:

• Please avoid disturbing them in any way

• Do not ride bicycles or walk near them

• Do not allow children to approach them

• Keep dogs well away from them

• Gently remind others who may not be aware of these guidelines

Here is what you can do. Enjoy their beauty and rejoice that they choose to visit us.


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