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Loggerhead Hatchlings

Loggerhead Hatchlings

Hatching season is in full swing on Kiawah these days! Be sure to head to the beach early in the morning and look for the yellow turtle team t-shirts if you would like to walk the beach and "talk turtle" with turtle patrollers.


Would you like to see more photos of Kiawah? Visit My Scribe Photography by clicking the "Photographs" button. You can also see some on Facebook by liking the Welcome To Kiawah Facebook page!


** On Our Minds **

Can you believe it has already been 10 years since The Sanctuary opened? Please click here to read the article ~ August 17, 2014

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Click for Johns Island, South Carolina Forecast


Monday, September 1st ~ Kiawah is gorgeous and sunny! It seems that we will have a wonderful Labor Day, perfect for picnics, beach time, and just general lazing around. Here's hoping your holiday is fantastic!

** Labor Day **

Did you know? The first Labor Day celebration was September 15, 1882 in New York City and was organized by the Central Labor Union as a "workingmen's holiday." The idea soon spread to labor groups in other parts of the country. In 1894, Congress made it a national holiday on the first Monday in September, a tribute to the social and economic achievements of its citizen workers.

Island News: Labor Day - KICA offices closed, Town of Kiawah Island offices closed. No commercial work permitted.

** Turtle News **  

August 25, 2014 ~ There are 124 nests on Kiawah's beach.

FOUR nests have been COMPLETELY destroyed by coyotes. Several nests have also been predated by coyotes, both before AND after they were laid. Apparently the coyotes have figured out how to identify the nests, even AFTER the initial nesting. It's a distressing time for sea turtles on Kiawah. All nests in Zone 3 and in Zone 4 have been screened for the remainder of the summer. Hopefully that will cut down on post-nesting predation from the coyotes. Sadly there is no way to prevent the coyotes from locating nests BEFORE turtle patrol has a chance to screen them. That is a real problem, and is by far responsible for the largest nest/egg loss.

Here is an example of what a nest looks like after a coyote has visited it. This one isn't as badly damaged as some...

Nest #12 - Please click to enlarge...

For more photos and information, please visit The Turtle Nest at http://www.KiawahTurtles.com, or find it on Facebook.


Another success for the Sea Turtle Hospital at the South Carolina Aquarium! Amelia was released June 6, 2014. Please click here to see a short video of the release.


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